Composite Wood Gates

If you are looking for a modern, low maintenance alternative to traditional metal driveway gates, why not consider contacting us for a quotation for a set of custom made Composite Wood gates.  These stylish gates come in a variety of different colours and can be made to measure to whatever dimensions you require. All our Composite Wood gates come ‘hot dip’ galvanized and powder coated to give our customers a low maintenance product that will last the test of time.

Benefits of Composite Wood:

  • Robust and low maintenance properties.
  • No need to paint or varnish composite wood boards.
  • Resistant to warping, cracking, rotting and fungal decay.
  • Offer more privacy than traditional metal gates.
  • Can include a lockable keyed exterior lock.

Benefits of ‘hot dip’ Galvanising:

  • Hot dip galvanising is used to protect our metal framed composite gates by dipping the steel frames in a bath of molten zinc. This coating bonds to the surface of the steel and prevents corrosive substances from reaching the underlying steel. 
  • Galvanising will continuously protect your metal work without requiring yearly maintenance and repainting.
  • Galvanising is more commonly used in the construction industry to protect larger scale engineering projects however, can also be used to protect your investment in custom, made-to-measure composite gates. 

Benefits of Powder Coating: 

  • Powder coating involves our gates being applied with a free-flowing, dry powder which when cured (heated) forms a hard polymer coating that is tougher than conventional paint finishes. 
  • Powder coating tends to produce a much thicker coating than liquid paint finishes. 

Benefits of a Dain Art Iron’s Composite gate range: 

Composite driveway gates fabricated and installed by Dain Art Iron can utilise all of the benefits listed above in order to provide our customers with a low maintenance product that adds a special touch to their property. 

  • Secure – our composite gates can be fitted with a keyed security lock to help protect your property. 
  • Private – our composite gates provide a more modern alternative to traditional metal gates with the composite boards providing an excellent ‘screen’ to give your property a little extra privacy. 
  • Low maintenance – nothing lasts for ever, however, Dain Art Iron’s composite gates utilise the benefits of composite wood boards and both the galvanisation & powder coating processes to give your investment that extra level of long lasting protection.
  • Stylish &  Modern – our composite gates can be customised and made-to-measure to match your exact requirements to enhance your property and give it a little extra ‘kerb appeal’. 


Modern, made to measure metal framed and composite driveway gates by Dain Art Iron in Irvine, Scotland.
Metal framed driveway gates with composite wood, custom made and installed by Dain Art Iron in Alloway, Ayrshire
Custom composite driveway gates in Scotland by Dain Art Iron. Fabricated and installed in Kilmarnock.
Decorative arched composite driveway gates by Dain Art Iron in Ayrshire, Scotland.
Arched composite driveway gates by Dain Art Iron of Ayrshire.
Modern, made to measure composite wood and metal driveway gates installed by Dain Art Iron in Scotland.